dental-cleaning (1)Preventing decay through oral hygiene and diet advice is at the heart of the care we provide for children.

The molar teeth start to erupt from 6 years old but can have deep grooves or ‘fissures’ on the top surface where plaque can collect. This plaque can be difficult to remove even with good brushing advice. If left, the bacteria in the plaque can cause decay.

Decay happens when sugars in food and drinks react with the bacteria in plaque, forming acids. Every time you eat or drink anything containing sugars, the bacteria reacts with it to form acid. These acids attack the teeth and start to dissolve the enamel eventually causing a cavity.

We provide protective coatings known as ‘fissure sealants’ to prevent decay in the surfaces of the teeth. Teeth with deep grooves can have the sealant applied to fill all the little crevices, creating a flat, smooth surface that is easy to clean.