Smile Gallery


Teeth Whitening – Case 1

Your teeth can become discolored due to drinking coffee or tea, smoking, even medications and age. In about an hour, you can erase all of this discoloration, and walk out with a whiter, brighter, and healthier looking smile.

Teeth Whitening – Case 2

Here whitening was successful in fixing a very dark stain on a single tooth as well as improving the overall color of the rest of the smile.

Teeth Whitening – Case 3

In this example, whitening was used to make a great smile even more brilliant and beautiful.

Composite Fillings – Case 1

With composite, tooth colored fillings, we can eliminate those unsightly silver-black fillings with a more conservative, aesthetic option.

Composite Fillings – Case 2

Here is another example of composite fillings and how this ‘metal-free’ solution is a more pleasing option.


Example of using implants to replace missing teeth.


Example of an adolescent ortho case which took 24 months to complete.


This is an example of bonding used to repair chipped tooth that was caused by a fall.


Example of porcelain laminate veneers.


With a crown, we are able to transform broken, unsightly teeth, into natural healthy looking teeth.


Joshua before and after Lumineers

LUMISmile-305270-Before LUMISmile-305270-After


Kathleen before and after Dental Implants